Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Okaaay...you asked for it!!

I was recently "tagged" by two fellow artists to post "seven unusual things about me", then tag seven other artist. In leiu of tagging seven others, they listed seven artists whose blogs they felt would be of interest to others. I was HONORED that both of these artist listed me as 'one of seven artists to watch'!! Those two artists are Maria Kovalenko and Tom Pohlman. Both of them have incredible blogs to see.

Interestingly enough, when I was first tagged, I wondered if I could think of seven things. When I started thinking hard about it, I wondered if seven WOULD BE ENOUGH!! Here goes nothing...

1: I have the best parents in the whole wide world...

2: I hate that this is an unusual thing, but I love pit bulls...

3: Over the last couple of years, I have learned the TRUE meaning of forgiveness.

4: I try to practice it.

5: the pit bulls help me remember to forgive every day, because they do without being asked.

6: I have relatives with webbed toes...yes, thats right! And although I didn't inheret them, I am a GREAT swimmer!!

7: Unfortunately, in my line of work with animals over the years, death is part of the 'job'. Initially terrified at the thought of death, I have grown to accept it, and find it an honor to hold our friends as they pass on. I have actually been requested by friends of mine to hold their horses, dogs, etc.

So, those are pretty unusual. I want to list seven blogs I like to follow. I am not sure how to attach a link, so my apoligies to the artists in advance if people cant click and find you. As I said before, my computer skills are sadly lacking!! It is in my intention...
If there are any of you who have not been 'tagged', list seven unusual things about yourself, then 'tag' seven others. For those of you who have already been tagged, I hope to send some traffic your way!! Cheers!

1: Tom Pohlman Painting from the southwest

2: Maria Kovalenko

3: Sheila From Forensic to fine art

4: Edward Burton Paintings

5: Karie Ann Cooper The art of rescue

6: Carol Horzempa South of North Studio

7: Lisa Tatsuko Printz Photography blog

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Introducing still lifes...

These are some still lifes I have done in the past. I am very interested in painting a series of items made of glass. This being one of my first attempts. I do like the idea of a black background for all of them, but I will play with it. The still life of the fruit I did in a class taught by my wonderful teacher Ira Barkoff. (Not the best picture of it...it is varnished, but I will not sell it anyway.)I remember I wanted to sign up for his beginners class many years ago. I was scared to take the class to begin with, having never painted in front of people. Then they told me the beginners class didn't have enough students to fill it, so my only other option would be to be a beginner in the ADVANCED class!! With a quavering voice I said yes, having visions of the class and instructor rolling their eyes at how I held up the class. (This of course was not the case.) It was the best thing I ever did. I am now comfortable painting in public, although my first exhibition where I painted animals in public was a bit like not wearing any clothes! However...I did it, and was EXTREMELY well received! It was a relief, and actually quite fun. I was amazed when I took Ira's class how supportive everyone was. I learned to take constructive criticism well, and quickly learned what I thought was a masterpeice, others did not, and vice versa. It was great to watch others paint the relatively same scene, and absorb their interpretation of it. I do miss that class...