Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Introducing still lifes...

These are some still lifes I have done in the past. I am very interested in painting a series of items made of glass. This being one of my first attempts. I do like the idea of a black background for all of them, but I will play with it. The still life of the fruit I did in a class taught by my wonderful teacher Ira Barkoff. (Not the best picture of it...it is varnished, but I will not sell it anyway.)I remember I wanted to sign up for his beginners class many years ago. I was scared to take the class to begin with, having never painted in front of people. Then they told me the beginners class didn't have enough students to fill it, so my only other option would be to be a beginner in the ADVANCED class!! With a quavering voice I said yes, having visions of the class and instructor rolling their eyes at how I held up the class. (This of course was not the case.) It was the best thing I ever did. I am now comfortable painting in public, although my first exhibition where I painted animals in public was a bit like not wearing any clothes! However...I did it, and was EXTREMELY well received! It was a relief, and actually quite fun. I was amazed when I took Ira's class how supportive everyone was. I learned to take constructive criticism well, and quickly learned what I thought was a masterpeice, others did not, and vice versa. It was great to watch others paint the relatively same scene, and absorb their interpretation of it. I do miss that class...


  1. Hi Beth,
    Nice work and I also remember how it felt to do work/take a class and paint in front of other people. And then there was the critique at the end of class. Urghh! But in the end it wasn't so bad and I learned so much. I still love to take classes and paint with others.
    I'm also writing today to say, "TAG! You're It!" This is a fun little thing that the bloggers do, to get to know each other and increase good traffic to your blog.
    This is how it works:
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    Hope you'll want to play!

  2. Hi Beth! Re: the what you thought was a masterpiece and others did not was exactly what Karin Jurick said about some of her work!

    You're beagle portrait is one of my very favorites!!!

  3. Thanks Sheila...that is my BELOVED beagle Bishop, who passed away last year. He went EVERYWHERE with me, so I had the image put on a magnet for my truck with my website on it. So now he is back with me everywhere I go!! The image was painted from a BEAUTIFUL photo Lisa Fishler took of him. The last picture ever taken of him, in his trusty volkswagon convertible! (I cried all the way to the dealership when I had to trade it in, he loved it so much!!)The picture can be seen on Lisa's blog, listed at the bottom of this blog. Thanks again.

  4. Soory, my faux pas...the photo can be seen on her wonderful website, not her blog, also listed below.

  5. Hello Beth - I want you to know I did receive the photo of Ziggy the other day and I have had it printed, he's on my list :). Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I hope I can capture that sweet little face.

    Good for you for posting older work, it's always a humbling experience. Last year I took a spring class through SMU on plein air painting and am doing it again beginning next month. In the beginning it was hard painting in front of the others, but then once we realized all of the talent surrounding us, we had a blast!

  6. It is amazing what you learn from others...thank you for that Angela!! The classes etc. are always so fun, and they just unfold into these unexpected journeys. You come away with such a renewed feeling. The support is almost equating with the blogs. Even tho you arent there at that moment, someone always boosts you, or tells you when you could do better. Thanks again, and enjoy Zig...no pressure!!